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The Person

The Figure represents the personal and the biographical.

Who I Am (briefly)

Lincoln was a tall man, about six feet even. He had light brown hair, both on his head and in his beard and mustache, which were all fairly short but a little wild. His hazel eyes were adorned with black-rimmed glasses that helped him see to drive, for he drove a lot in his job as a security technician who installed and maintained cameras, intercoms, and access control systems. His arms and neck were tanned but sported no artwork-- just a simple, sturdy watch on the right wrist.

A graduate of Crestview High School, Okaloosa-Walton Community College, and the University of West Florida, Lincoln spoke a smattering of four languages beyond English, understood networking and office machines, and could find grammatical errors better than half the population of his native country. His parents had both come from up north to live in Fort Walton Beach, FL, and it was there, on an anniversary of D-Day, that he'd been born.

In terms of personal style, Lincoln liked to dress in comfortable clothing, whether he was dressing casual or professional. Being comfortable allowed him to exhibit confidence, and that could overcome whatever else people might have noticed about his style of dress.

Politically, Lincoln was an arch-conservative. He believed in old-fashioned values and didn't want politics to get in the way of doing the right thing, and he considered compromising for politics to be as bad as having no convictions at all.

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I used to cope with something resembling ADHD

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