> Things I Have Made or Captured

Things I Have Made or Captured

The Brush represents the seen, or artistry.


My Photobucket library - I've had this account for a long time.


Getting started in Web design - A videos series I did back when I was doing Web design professionally.

3d modeling

deviantArt - Mostly PD Blender models I've made.


Crochet (pictures on Photobucket)

Tatting (pictures on Photobucket)


My scores on MuseScore

Other artistry

Written word, videos, etc.

Become a Patron My patrons see new articles before anyone else, and they also see my videos and other works as I create them.

Thanks go out to Chris Howard for his generous and faithful support of my campaign.

One of the projects my Patreon campaign supported is HaZayin Nezer (The Olive Branch), a podcast about relationships of all types, and how to improve them. You can subscribe to this podcast by visiting HZN at FeedBurner.

Computer programs and scripts

My GitHub Repositories:

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