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Man's feet in hiking shoes, photo by Pezibear

- The Path of the Beautiful Feet -

by Lincoln Sayger

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First published on Feb 22, 2016

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As Wayfarers travel along the way of the Christ, we try to work with the rest of the King's subjects to bring as many as possible to good things, whether those things are basic physical needs, like food or shelter, or deep spiritual needs, like salvation and discipleship. Wayfarers must not be divisive but peaceable with all who are willing to be at peace with them.

Every Wayfarer is part of the same unit of the King's citizenry. There are no tiers or classes of Wayfarers; all are equal. Each has differing strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. These are opportunities to lift each other up and share our burdens, not invitations to compare ourselves to each other or belittle others or view some as superior to others. Even if there are least and greatest, every Wayfarer has the potential to find the spiritual truth in a situation before anyone else does.

Our feet do not work separately. Standing on one foot is difficult and unstable, and no one can move as quickly on one foot as on two. Rather, we have two feet that alternate carrying our weight, carrying us each step closer to something we need or want.

In the same way, Wayfarers work with each other as the different parts of our bodies work together, alternately helping and being helped, to bring all of us closer to various good things. When we do not work together, we often go nowhere or fall toward bad things.

How would it be, if your left foot decided to strike out on its own or refused to work with your right foot, or had disgust for your ankles? The idea is almost too silly to contemplate; yet we often see it in society. People let envy or pride keep them from working with each other. Don't let anything keep you from working together with other Wayfarers. Instead, seek always to work in harmony with them to bring benefit to someone, or someone to benefit.

In all that we do, we must always remember that our feet work together to bring us to benefit.

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