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- The Way to Approach Deviance -

by Lincoln Sayger

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First published on Feb 1, 2016

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Part II

(This is the second part of this article. To read the first part, scroll to the link at the bottom of this page.)

We want to learn how we should approach rebellion and deviant behavior in the lives of the King's subjects. In Part I, we examined the adjustments necessary to our mindset to be in line with the truth of the matter. Only now, having examined our mindset, can we examine how a Wayfarer actually approaches deviance from the King's way.

The Wayfarer's approach to deviant behavior should be the same as to any other form of rebellion. Deviance should make the Wayfarer neither more nor less angry or concerned than any other form of rebellion, for the King has made clear that rebellion of any form is the same in the eyes of the King. We should not make distinctions between them.

And what is that approach? It is to treat the rebel with kindness and love, reminding them of the moral high ground of forgiveness, love, and kindness to enemies. It is displaying patience and temperance toward the rebels. It is remembering that the rebels have rejected the King's leadership and don't hold to the King's laws; Wayfarers should not expect those who have not received the amnesty to live by the same standards as those who have received it. Show generosity. Win them over. Do not berate them with rules they don't think apply to them, for they are in rebellion. Offer them the King's amnesty and befriend them with patience and love, and remind them of the King's law only after they've accepted the King's rule over them.

The Wayfarer should always have the philosophy that another subject of the King is not the Wayfarer's subject. To the King, each one stands honorably or does not. To you, another of the King's subjects is your equal, except for a child in your care. Do not judge a master's servant. You have your own master and king. Concern yourself with your own behavior, and concern yourself with the amnesty offered to others.

Remember that your job is to extend the amnesty and encourage others to accept the King's amnesty. For, just as one man started the rebellion but was joined by all, so one man bought the amnesty, yet all must accept the offer of amnesty as individuals, choosing to live as citizens subject to the King.

So, a Wayfarer deals with deviant behavior just as with any other form of rebellion, through patience, love, forgiveness, and temperance, applying the King's standards to the King's citizens, not to the rebels still in rebellion.

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