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- The Purpose of Wayfarers -

by Lincoln Sayger

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First published on Dec 31, 2015

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The first thing a follower of the Way needs to understand to live properly as a Wayfarer is this: There are no loyalists on the planet. Every one of us took part in the rebellion of this part of the King's endless realm. We were all part of the hopeless plot to overthrow the rightful King of the universe, and each of us who now follows the Way has received from the King amnesty and pardon for our misdeeds as part of the rebellion.

Therefore, as repatriated rebels, we should never look down on those who have not been granted pardon, and we must remember that part of our duty to the King is to extend that same grace, that same offer of amnesty to everyone we meet. We are here to extend amnesty, not to punish those in errors.

The King has granted us amnesty and armed us to stand in the spiritual fights around us. We must not use the weapons the King has given us against our fellow countrymen, even if they are still actively engaged in the rebellion. That is not our purpose, and it is not the will of the King that we should dispatch the rebels to endless exile from the Kingdom, nor that we should place barriers between the rebels and the amnesty. I am not even sure we are meant to fight the spiritual powers with these weapons, as the consistent message regarding arms is that we are to be in readiness for battle and that we are to stand, and that the battle does not belong to us, for the King fights the battle for us. The King does not need us, but we need the King. However, the King earnestly desires that we should be in fellowship and alignment with Him.

Wayfarers are actually less like soldiers than gentle subversives, exuding an attractiveness of purpose and values that others in the culture may come to recognize as superior to the common customs of the land, which we must remember is still in rebellion against the King. Wayfarers are not subtle but gentle, they should use no guile but display the nuance of their differences plainly but not aggressively, letting the chips fall where they may, letting the relative value of their own beliefs compared to those of the culture compete silently and honestly until those to whom they offer amnesty recognize the truth of the situation.

As a man once wisely said, "If I make my enemy my friend, have I not destroyed my enemy?"

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