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Path disappearing into distance.

- Following That Way -

by Lincoln Sayger

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First published on Nov. 28, 2015

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It's midnight. It's high noon. A New Day is coming. The New Day is here, and the shadows have all fled. The Kingdom is at hand. The Kingdom is among us already.

The time is well past for games, for bitter hatred, for envy, for strife, for putting on masks so others will think well of us, and for putting politics above our duties. The time is fully come to be true followers of that Way, to be loving to all people, to be like our Master. The time has come. The time is now.

It is not our job to defend God. It is not our job to judge people's hearts. It is not our job to mete out punishment. It is not our job to determine the mission, the message, or the meanings of words. The mission has been defined. The message has been set. The meanings of words were not defined by us, and it is no more our place to redefine them than it is our place to choose names for our neighbors' children. The message is this: "Come to God, all who are weary of the ways of the world, and God will be faithful to forgive and start fresh with you and give you rest and never bring up your past to use it against you." The mission is this: We are to go into all the world, on the highways and byways, and bring the message of amnesty and renewal of covenant to all peoples, all tongues, all tribes, all nations, offering freely, without reservation or consideration of party, philosophy, or worthiness; to love all and let our Lord decide who has accepted and who has rejected the Sacrifice made on their behalf.

It is our job to love one another. It is our job to be Christ's representative in the world. It is our job to be like our Master, for no servant is above his master. How does our Master speak? He speaks with a still, small voice. He speaks the truth in love, letting those who have ears to hear it hear. He is kind to the sinner and harsh with the self-righteous, not the other way around.

The time has come for us to fulfill our mission, carry our Lord's message, and speak the truth using words as they were intended to be used, without spin or deception. The time has come for us to put aside our petty squabbles and remember who our Lord is. The time has come for us to take up our travel clothes and walk that Way.

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